We’ve come to the point in technological advancement where most of us don’t view our laptops as luxury items. ¬†Unless you’re a gamer and have one of those three thousand dollar deals, in which case, you go. For the rest of us, though, laptops are what we use to power out our work emails. Sometimes we’ll prop open the screen to watch Netflix if our TVs are down. But otherwise, laptops are for writers, gamers, students, and the rest of the population who don’t have work computers.

Microsoft is trying to change how people who appreciate fashion will view their laptops, though. The Surface Laptop isn’t just going to be a boring, flip-top, run-of-the-mill affair, though. Even though it’s going to be made with an aluminum body, the touch screen feature and fabric-covered keyboard will set the laptop apart from all its competitors. Designed and fabricated with the same level of care that is involved in the making of a Balenciaga or Yves Saint Laurent handbag (this according to Rachael Bell, a senior designer at Microsoft), the laptop’s keyboards will be covered with alcantara, a luxury material with a texture similar to suede.

In order to make each laptop work well with the fabric, Microsoft uses machinery to cut a piece of of alcantara to fit the chassis, which is the laptop’s base frame. Using laser technology, the machinery fits the fabric around every individual key on the keyboard. Finally, the edges are handprinted to make sure that every edge is color-matched to fit the rest of the computer. This sort of detail would have you expecting the laptop to run at over $1500, but the 13.5 inch laptop will retail at $999. (To give you some context, the Macbook Pro starts at $1499.)


The Surface Laptop will come in Graphite Gold, Platinum, Cobalt Blue, and Burgundy. You can pre-order it now at Microsoft’s website,¬†or at bestbuy.com.