Kat Von D’s Alchemist Holographic Palette has been out for slightly longer than one hot minute, but the magical dust triangle still has a grip on the entire Internet’s collective heart. Beauty bloggers the world over are still posting their flawless pictures with their chiseled cheekbones highlighted by fairy powder.

Check out Krystal Erlandson‘s flawless application. Just. Look. It’s magical and scary.

But as we are not trained make up artists and we do not know all the ways to make ourselves look unbelievable, we wanted to know what the highlighter palette looks like on people who don’t know all the ways of the color wheel.

Here’s what one of our interns looked like before we attacked every last drop of the makeup on their face with Kat Von D’s wisdom and glory:

IMG_20170413_011347 (1)IMG_20170413_011545 (1)

Intense, slightly heavy smokey eye and a black lip wouldn’t blend well with whitish highlighter powder, you say?

You’d be completely incorrect if you said that. Look what happened to the very same intern as they turned infinitely more mermaidesque. Mermaid status was unlocked with exactly one application of Emerald over the eyeshadow, and one layer of Emerald on one side and Saphyre on the other over the lipstick:



Here’s the¬†WomenonTop¬†verdict about this palette. It’s light enough to not compromise the integrity of the lipstick formula, and definitely doesn’t weigh you down. If you apply translucent powder your lipstick (using a tissue as a barrier) the highlighter will blend seamlessly over the your lipstick. As a highlighter for your actual cheekbones, the powder doesn’t seem to do much. The above photo of the intern includes Opal on their cheekbones, but you wouldn’t be able to tell there’s anything but blush going on there. Over eyeshadow, the powder won’t mess with the eyeshadow you’re applying it over. Mattes stay matte, metallics still shine, and quality won’t change. Applying these shades over your makeup may not make your legs turn into a tail, but it will make your life change for the better (this is a scientific truth), so we’re definitely going to let you people know that you must buy this palette. Not lying. Not exaggerating. Just buy it.