There are two terrible things about buying swimsuits, and one really fabulous thing that comes with it. But to be honest, sometimes it feels like a hit-or-miss. You could get one of the two terrible ones, and feel like even if the one good one comes with it, buying swimwear is still pointless.

The two terrible things about buying swimwear is that first, if you go to a store to buy your bikini, you’re going to have to deal with their lighting and their mirrors. Most stores don’t have as good lighting as you’d need to know if the maroon two-piece you’ve been drooling over actually would look good with your complexion (it probably would, as maroon is hard to mess up, but what if you’re a part of the 1.3 percent of the population who cannot rock maroon? What then? Will you spend $275 on the two-piece, only to feel horrible about it when you get home? Or will you slink away from the dressing room, wishing you had a lighting set you could carry around with you everywhere?

(Probably equal measures of both, let’s be real here.)

The other terrible thing about shopping for beach bottoms is that you may find a cute suit on the Internet, but you’ll never know if it looks good on you until the moment the FedEx guy leaves your doorstep and you tear apart the packaging. And waiting for days by the mailbox only to find that what you’ve been waiting for is a dud would rank up there with being unjustly fired on the list of bad feelings.

Tess De Paula and Melanie Travis (two women who may be our new superheroes) figured out a way about all the swimming in bathing suit messes. After extensive surveying of what people look for in a bathing suit and, more importantly, what problems women run into while shopping for swimwear, they created their direct-to-consumer, Andie Swim, which has three high-end bathing suits created based off of what the surveyed women really wanted in bathing suits.

The way it works is as such: On their website, you choose your size, pay a refundable $19 deposit, and wait patiently for all three bathing suits to be delivered to you. Then, you can try on the bathing suits in a mirror you know with lighting you love, and even get your friends/mom/boyfriend/next door neighbor to weigh in one which suits you best. You can buy all three for $105 each, $115 each for two, or $125 for one. You pop whatever you don’t want into a pre-paid envelope with the original tags and liners, send it back to the company, and now you’ll have swimwear for any occasion.

Hopefully that occasion is sitting on the beach and drinking lemonade, because that sounds like the perfect occasion for literally anything.

Photo credits: Andie Swim