If listening to Hannah Baker’s tapes is too much for you, you can listen to the soundtrack to her show on Spotify.

Netflix’s most viewed original show of all time has a ridiculously well-curated soundtrack, including two heart-melting songs by executive producer Selena Gomez, and it’s more than worth streaming endlessly on your favorite music streaming website.

Filled with dramatically intense music designed to make you feel things, the soundtrack is nothing but darkly, cheerfully melancholy. We didn’t know those things could go together. But they do. It’s fairly heavy on the British post-punk, after all.

The soundtrack is incredibly important, too, because Clay, one of the main characters, walks around school with his headphones in all the time. Getting a glimpse into his musical world puts us into his frame of mind.

Check out the tracks from the official soundtrack hereWhile it doesn’t have every song in the show, it does do a pretty good job in picking the most emotive ones. If you want to see every single song that played through the entirety of Season One, check out this page. And keep those tissues handy and nearby, because there isn’t a chance you won’t need three boxes of Kleenex for every two minutes you spend listening to the OST.