Lana Del Rey has been on our radar for a while now, having suddenly returned from a hiatus from album-releasing. It’s been quiet on her front since Honeymoon’s release in 2015, and she’s been promoting the trailer for her upcoming album release, Lust For Life, for a few days now. You can check out the suitably dreamy, ghostly, sadly uplifting trailer below.

On April 11, Del Rey released the cover artwork for the album, and we’re actually smitten. With notes of vintage qualities surging through the photograph and a rare glimpse of a seemingly genuine smile on her face, Del Rey depicts the essence of what she has stated the album will represent: “Retro sensibility with a futuristic flair.”


If it’s anything like “Love,” the lead single off Lust for Life (released February 18, 2017), Del Rey’s  fifth studio album will at once connect the listener to their deepest self and inspire them to search beyond it.

Lust for Life will be released later this year through Interscope Records.