The concept behind Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery’s line of Green Juice Bears is a cute one. Their customers thought that an April Fool’s prank from 2016 was a real business venture, and the overflow of interest led Sugarfina co-founders┬áRosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick to collaborate with Pressed Juicery to make gummy bears based off of green juice.

These bears come in different sizes and different containers. They’re made of ginger, lemon, apple, and spinach concentrate, and they’re colored with turmeric and spirulina. Each serving of bears also gives you 20% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamins C and A. There are no artificial colors or flavors, they’re fat free, and they’re also non-GMO. Considering they’re technically candy, that’s pretty darn healthy, but one small detail makes these Gummy Bears into a problem.

If you check the label below you may be able to spot it.

gummy bears

It all looks great until you reach the sugar content. One serving of these bears has more sugar content than an entire package of Fun Dip, which only has 13 grams of sugar. Having all that sugar in a product labeled as healthy could be dangerous, as eating refined sugars could lead to all kinds of health complications and ailments which most of us would rather not have.

Photo credits: Sugarfina