Ever since we stumbled upon Starbucks’ Cold Brew, we’ve been wondering what happens when they run out of said Cold Brew.  If it’s such a popular drink, why do they make it in such limited quantities? Can you imagine the chaos if some high-powered executive (or any other caffeine-deprived soul) sent their intern to buy all the Cold Brew their local Starbucks had to offer only for the intern to return to the shiny skyscraper office to inform the high-powered executive that Starbucks was… out?

Chaos and calamity. That’s what would happen. That’s all.

So why do you do this, Starbucks? Just… make more! Such innovative thought processes right there.

We haven’t gotten an answer to that question yet, but we did discover that Starbucks is, in fact, making more. Not fresh Cold Brew per se, but they will be selling it in bottles to your local supermarket. Which may be even better than buying it fresh from your favorite green coffeehouse. Starbucks does close at some point. Your stash of Cold Brew bottles will never be closed.

This may not be entirely new to you, as Starbucks has been offering its Bottled Unsweetened Cold Brew for a while now, but they have now added Cocoa and Honey with Cream Cold Brew to the lineup for all you sugary, creamy gals out there.

On a (kind of) related note, they also put the Dulce de Leche Frappuccino into a bottle, in addition to adding three new Doubleshots: the Doubleshot Espresso Cubano, Doubleshot Espresso Salted Caramel Cream, and Doubleshot Coffee and Protein Caramel. SALTED CARAMEL, YOU GUYS.


We are blessed.

Only downside to all this is the fact that the Bottled Cold Brew Cocoa & Honey with Cream will only be available at grocery stores throughout the West Coast, Northeast, Southeast, and Great Lake regions in the US, so you might want to consider moving and/or taking extended vacations to experience all this joy in one cute little bottle.

Photo credits: Starbucks