Everyone was obsessed with Zac Posen’s light-up gown for Claire Danes at 2016’s Met Gala for a good reason. Check out its beauty below.


Because the fashion from the Met Gala inspire us for the next coming years, 17-year-old Claire Smith, a homeschooled high school student from Maryland, decided to create a prom dress which would inspire people from her prom (and the Internet) for the coming years, too.

Two years ago, Smith took part in Girls Who Code‘s Summer Immersion Program, and has been involved in the coding community ever since. Although she took part in hackathons and other projects, she decided to take her coding career to a place most don’t go: the science in fashion.

In just a few days, Smith modified a dress she received from Cinderella’s Closet, a community organization, to look like this:

light up dress

She used a wearable electronics platform called Flora (by Adafruit) which incorporates NeoPixels – tiny LED lights which work with Flora. She stitched them into the dress and attached them to a battery pack, which she can control when she wears the dress.

Check out the stunning result here, and make sure you stop by Smith’s Facebook page to see her other projects, because there’s a laser cut ice sword in there, and that’s not the kind of thing anyone should miss out on.

Photo credits: Claire Smith, Zac Posen