UberPOOL, Uber’s ridesharing carpool option, is a nice one, in concept. Better for the environment, cheap, and sometimes you get a good story out of it. (Picture what would happen if you tried getting an UberPOOL home from a bad date and the person Pooling with you happened to be the person from the date. It would be terrible in the moment, but it’s a good story.)

The downside to UberPOOL in actuality is that it’s generally inconvenient. Sure, if you don’t happen to be rushing to work with a 10 minute timeframe to get there, UberPOOL is great. But if you’ve got places to be like the high-powered and busy woman you are, you probably can’t afford the luxury of UberPOOL’s tacked on twenty minutes. It’s just not useful. Especially if the person you’re Pooling with asks to be dropped off in a specific place on a one-way street, downtown, in the middle of rush hour traffic.

That last bit is a problem which Uber is actively trying to solve, and with the attempt they rolled out on May 4, things may start to change! If there’s a convenient corner near your destination, the Uber app will let you know and offer to change your destination so your driver can safely and easily let you out there, thus saving you and your fellow Pooler time and energy.

The app already rolled out this option for Uber users in San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, and we can’t wait for them to add this feature for the rest of the 75% of the United States which Uber says they cover.